FLORIDA TODAY EDGE BLOG: The Value of Joining Professionals Organizations

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0214.Rebecca Shireman-3761-Edit (2)Do you see the value in participating in various professional organizations? Most of us just can’t find the time, although it is more valuable and important than you may think.

Membership and participation in professional organizations can enhance your career. Most employers are very supportive of their team members being a part of professional organizations because it teaches and demonstrates leadership, as well as represents the organization. If your employer allows you the time and supports you in this endeavor, take advantage as there are many benefits to you!

This week’s weVENTURE FLORIDA TODAY EDGE columnist Rebecca Shireman is the assistant public relations manager at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and currently serves on the weVENTURE Board of Directors. Rebecca discusses her experience with joining professional organizations and five benefits it may have. Read more here.